Security Guard Accused of Plotting to Kidnap TV Host Holly Willoughby

A court has heard that a security guard, Gavin Plumb, checked out an abandoned stud farm as part of a plan to kidnap TV host Holly Willoughby. The 37-year-old has denied the accusations of plotting to kidnap, rape, and murder the television celebrity.

Plumb allegedly told another man online that Ms. Willoughby would be taken in a van to her “new home and new way of living.” The court also heard that Plumb discussed booking a tour of the ITV studio during Ms. Willoughby’s time as a host of This Morning to see if he could meet her.

In conversations with another man, who turned out to be an undercover police officer, Plumb claimed he had been planning the kidnapping for about two and a half years. When asked what would happen after the kidnapping, Plumb replied that they would “slit her throat, clean her out and dispose of it.”

In 2023, Plumb sent a video to a potential accomplice showing restraint items like ankle shackles, a ball gag, rope, metal cable ties, and handcuffs laid out on a bed. The court also heard about Plumb’s online searches, which included terms like “killers from Harlow in Essex,” “rape in the United Kingdom,” and “violence against women – rape.”

Prosecutor Alison Morgan read out a WhatsApp exchange where Plumb mentioned having a place in the countryside to keep Ms. Willoughby, specifically an abandoned stud farm with cells. Plumb said the kidnapping “could finally be happening” and talked about doing a home invasion to gain control of her.

In a separate message, Plumb posted a photo of Ms. Willoughby, saying she deserved punishment for “teasing” men with her appearance. He also discussed booking an ITV studio tour or going to the area to follow her home.

Plumb is accused of attempting to live out his “ultimate fantasy” and has been described by prosecutors as being obsessed with the presenter. He has denied all charges of soliciting murder, incitement to rape, and incitement to kidnap.

The trial continues.


It’s deeply disturbing to hear about the lengths some individuals will go to when they develop an unhealthy obsession with a public figure. The detailed and violent nature of the alleged plot against Holly Willoughby is shocking and highlights the importance of law enforcement in preventing such crimes. It’s a reminder of the risks that come with fame and the need for robust security measures for public personalities. The legal system must ensure justice is served and that such threats are taken seriously to protect individuals from harm.